• Bashakesh Portfolio

    Bashakesh is a conservative forex portfolio that using technical analysis to entry to any order and handling the orders by using numerical trading style to close the orders at profits...

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  • SafeFX Portfolio

    SafeFX is a very secure forex trading portfolio, it's introduced to make high probability trades in an attempt to generate consistent returns over the medium to long term, it's using technical & fundamental analysis to place orders...

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You Invest Money

Open trading account under your name and make deposit with the forex broker.

We Trading Forex

We make market analysis to decide when to open & close orders.

You Earn Profits

At the end of the month you see the trading profits results & you can withdrawl it.


Live Trading Results:


Reasons to choose SerialFX.com

Professional traders behind our trading with proven results hitting their benchmarks.

Fast and reliable trade execution through various technologies that the trader can pick from: MAM or PAMM systems.

Offer your clients alternative investments that offer absolute returns, so your clients can profit even during bear markets.

No more following the charts. No more waiting for signals and no Forex trading experience is needed at all!

Different trading strategies to choose from, to suit your risk profile and appetite.

Quick and easy sign-up process.

Honest and proven performance. Daily, weekly and monthly statements are right at our clients’ fingertips.

Mobile viewing of your account in live action!

High watermark – Your trader will not make money if they do not make you money for your client that given month.

Take out your profits at the end of the month or re-invest them.

Fast support for our customers, partners and visitors.